About Us

Why we built this site


After personally testing out dozens of dating websites for my own use. I realized that while there were some gems out there a lot of the dating sites were quite simply garbage. They had one intention and that was to mislead me to sign up (by showing fake profiles of attractive girls in my area for one) and to then collect the monthly fee.

Fortunately I realized that there are some good dating sites out there so I set out to compile the best and to feature them on this website.

Marriage or just dating?

Different sites target different groups and demographics. Some sites are frequently by 9 men for every 1 women, those are normally associated with trying to get laid quickly and the end result is that the women are frustrated at the lack of quality men and the men can't talk to any women. In other words those dating sites are garbage for everyone involved..

Some sites target an older crowd, which is great if you are a mature adult looking for a serious relationship. We even feature one site that is for single moms and dads. What a great resource!

The main difference between sites is those that are for people who want to simply date, and those that are more serious and are for relationships. We mention which is which is our reviews..


We hope this simple to use guide has served as a useful reference. Bookmark us, if you try one of our recommendations and it does not work, odds are that the next one will. Combined there's tens of millions of profiles for you to look at, and that's quite a wonderful thing..

Good luck with your quest for love.